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Possible Hands free Bluetooth option

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  • Possible Hands free Bluetooth option

    Let me start by saying I know very little about how to do this but I have been researching a lot. Now onto the idea, I came across this site with Bluetooth modules specifically for Hands Free. ( ) now I know this may sound useless but let me explain. First they have an analog Mic in and an analog audio out. And second they have a UART interface that can be used to get incoming call information, answer a call, cancel a call, reject a call, and dial a number. They also support phone books and other commands that can be sent to them through the UART interface. Now I know most people donít have a UART interface on there current computers so I also found this USB Ė UART interface. ( ) Below is a copy of the user manual. Let me know if you think this is a ok Idea or just a complete waste of time. I am looking because this is the only part of the CarPC that still seems to be lacking. This will remove the dependency on Bluetooth stacks and dongles because this will be all hardware driven and just give an output to connect to you audio input. And since it will communicate back with the PC through USB it should be easy enough to integrate into RR to have it pause/mute when a call is made or received, I would think.
    ( )