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SC400 EMV Screen

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  • SC400 EMV Screen

    Anyone out there with a Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC400 with the EMV?

    I am wanting to use the touch screen that is already in the car.

    I am doing some research now into what can be done. Anyone interested?

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    Hi - your enquiry popped up on my Google Alerts, so I'm visiting from to advise that pretty much everything you need to know about using and reparing the EMV in a Toyota Soarer is available in our FAQs here:

    Best of luck with this world-beating car - I've got 2, both with EMVs - a normally aspirated V8 with air suspension, and a supercharged version with Tein suspension


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      Scot, that do you do yet, and that "to do"?
      I can help you anyway, theare much TYT/LX in Russia use CarPC
      bad RU$$ian auto moDDer


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        Thanks for those links, but I cannot read Russian and I did not have any luck understanding what was being said!

        I have not had a lot of luck so far with my screen.

        I have been speaking to Vlad who has the best(EMV interface kit that I know of.

        Unfortunatley, while checking things out I noticed that someone has removed the TV unit from underneath my back seat. I have been told that it is quite an integral part of the interface kit.

        I am not quite sure what to do next to get the interface going. The ultimate dream would be to get a serial connection out from the screen.

        Any thoughts?


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          I'm not fully anderstand, what Vlad is make... because I can't see half picture
          Idea I think...
          I can help you make USB touch screen adapter for PC car.
          Your car is LexuS or SoareR? What year of burn?
          bad RU$$ian auto moDDer


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            I think - Soarer, SC didn't have the TV
            bad RU$$ian auto moDDer


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              Hi Vitecd,

              Vlad makes a kit that you soldier onto the EMV. It this allows you to send Infra-red commands out to a device by programming the PIC chip connected to the EMV.

              I asked him if it was possible to use parts of his kit to send serial commands out (for X&Y points) from the screen. He does not do this as he is more interested in consumer devices ie DVD players, MP3 players.

              I have a SC400 1992. The LTD (V8) had the EMV in it.

              If you could help me make a USB adapter that would be GREAT! Where do I start?


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                Sorry for longer mute, was change my Street adres, from Novosibirsk tw. 2 Saint-Petersburg tw. :-D

                very old car... but, isn't dead
                I think, I can help you, about some times... little problem with free time.
                bad RU$$ian auto moDDer


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                  Hi Vitecd,

                  Good to hear from you again, I had almost given up!

                  When ever you are available to help would be great. I await for your reply.

                  Please tell me when we should move on to the next step....