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use a bigger screen to browse ipod ?

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  • use a bigger screen to browse ipod ?

    Hello everyone,

    I was thinking if there's a way to replicate the content of an ipod screen on a external screen. That way I could browse the ipod using the clickwheel and a external monitor.

    I figured out that I don't need a CarPC, but I still want to fill the hole in my dash where the GPS was supposed to be. And, since I'm always listening to my ipod using the Aux input, I thought it would be a good idea if I could browse my ipod on a bigger monitor.



    ps: my car is a Land Rover LR2 (aka Freelander 2)

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    This I dont think is easily possible. For browsing iPod on monitor, some additional hardware or dock must be available but those are tweaks and I dont know any of such. However, ViewSonic 22" Wide LCD Monitor with integrated iPod Doc has inbuilt feature by which iPod can be browsed on the screen. So that means a monitor should be compatible and integrated with such feature.