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Calling all Forum Innovators!!!

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  • Calling all Forum Innovators!!!

    Calling all forum innovators!

    I think it is very important to stress innovation here on the forums. Time now, time past and time again, you seem to always have a level head for masterminding solutions, prototypes, in some cases market worthy products. If there is a problem, you have an answer. If something is broken, you know how to fix it. If there is an idea, you have a vision. If you have an innovation, we want to know about it! There are so many great things happening here everyday and a lot of time stuff gets overlooked or get hidden in a pile of threads.

    Basically, I want everyone to know that Mp3Car is here to help you out. We are willing to help with beta testing or providing feedback. Our forum is a great place of reference on the internet. I can find a solution to almost anything on here. Best of all, it is a place to show off your knowledge and understanding of our all so increasingly technical world. I am always looking for community innovations to blog about on our main page! We love to show off what the community is made of.

    If you are working on a project or know of a community inspired creation, let us know about it. Donít be shy! Drop a post in the User Innovation or Hardware development forum. We want you to help us help you. We hold great pride in the quality of the products we carry and maybe we can help you achieve quality recognition and excellence of your product.

    You can post suggestions or comments here, or send me a PM

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    Calling all forum innovators

    I am watching my innovations concepts burning front of my eyes for 15 years
    never had a chance to meet an investor
    So far t mobile,microsoft,blackberry,Toyota ,Hyundai ,verizon ,motorola ,google,ford ,chevy ,Mercedes-Benz and others beating me to it