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    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area, if not feel free to move.

    I've been mentally building my project for a while now and am about to begin putting it together. But first! One the main "features" I would like to implement would be an IR sensitive camera in front of the car.
    My job routinely takes me on long night time drives out into the desert where I've already had a number of near misses with animals and such.

    Trying to keep the price to a minimum, I'm not quite ready to buy a passive IR/TIC. I'm just wondering if anybody has already attempted or successfully completed an active IR build or can someone point me in the right direction?

    My initial thought would be using a cheap $40 security cam from radioshack. Then making a simple pair of IR lights with a few hundred LEDs...
    Assuming I can get enough illumination out of that, I'm wondering if I'd run into any problems driving around with what amounts to two "invisible" headlights that may(not) interfere with things such as traffic cameras, IR traffic light triggers, or anything else that picks up on them?

    ... that was a lot for such a simple question.

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    I don't think LEDs are going to cut it... Seems to me you'd want IR lights with reflectors, similar to regular headlights, so you'd get vision at a distance like you do with regular headlights. And in the ~50 watt range, too. Does anyone make incandescent IR lights? It'd be sweet if you could convert a set of regular driving lights to IR.

    I'm not aware of any IR-based sensors out there, and I would be surprised if these interfered with traffic cameras any more than regular headlights. I'm just guessing though.


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      Almost, just like headlights. I can see just fine out to the distance my headlights provide. I'm Thinking further (brighter) and/or wider than I'd be able to pull off with headlights because of blinding other drivers and such.

      Ideally, these will augment my highs/lows that already put out some IR light. I should grab a cam and try and figure out how well they do on their own.

      Mainly, i'm concerned about those emergency switches on busy intersections used by police/EMS/fire to change the light when in a hurry. They're (usually) pulse coded so I doubt I'd activate them. I'm just not sure about the potential for flooding them with input so they don't respond.
      Although now that I think about it, I don't intend on using them in the city much, if at all. And they'll be focused low. Still, I'm always curious about the legal implications.