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Advanced Circiutry Help - Laptop Line-in

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  • Advanced Circiutry Help - Laptop Line-in

    I am building a CarPC out of an old Toshiba Satellite 1110

    here is a picture of it dissasembled:

    Now I have some very very basic wiring and circuit experience. I will be building one of webmasters auto-turn on modules.

    Now this laptop has a Realtek ALC202 chip with the widespread AC97 Avance Sound driver that i would bet half the laptops have or any other integrated onboard soundcard previous to 2004

    now the laptop has built in it

    Line out going to to amplified speakers.
    HeadPhone out /w sense
    and MIC in

    but going into the mixer in windows, I can control these and more
    AUX IN
    CD IN

    so I did some digging and found this:

    Don't be fooled by the exe extension, its a self extracting zip
    here is the linking url

    Now according to these data sheets I can give my laptop 4 line in's that can be controlled by the windows mixer, roadrunner, and ultimately, one knob on my head unit. which would be really nice.

    for me and probably others this would be a much better option than buying a USB Soundcard, eating up CPU, and then having to by an input selector, USB or not.

    it also means that my HD Radio, SIRIUS, external CD and IPOD/AUX, can all have there own dedicated mixers. "simply" by soldering to the pins on the chip

    the only thing is that the analog input signal has to be "1 VRMS", and I honestly have no idea how to achieve this. I can built a simple pcb according to spec and solder it to the mainboard.

    But trying to learn how to build what I would hope to be a simple, unsophisticated circuit, has gone right over my head. I can't make heads or tails of the information I've read.

    So if anyone can help, or give some suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I'm sure others would love this mod to.

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    Firstly, make sure that the inputs work as youd expect them to, although your software may say there are available inputs, the drivers or firmware may prevent you from actually accessing these ports on your sound chip.
    Secondly, there are circuits available that convert voltages to line level -- theyre "line level converters" and they will take your input and convert it to 1v RMS.
    Interesting project.
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