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  • Bulk connector

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to put this but here goes.

    Currently I have about 6 wires coming from the inside of the case and connecting to various things; ie: monitor power, amp remote, constant power and switched power.

    My question is if anyone is using or have found a suitable bulk connector so all these wire could be tidied up a little by having one connection point.


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    Not sure if you mean that you would like a particular connector or just a general one?

    Most places like jaycar/dse/radioshack or other places like automotive/electrical stores have these type of connectors all the time.

    You can use the audio type connectors that are used on amps and stereo equipment which is the round screw type with multiple pins or the plastic clip type that you see in the back of a factory fitted stereo.

    Is this what you mean?
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      Bulk connector

      I checked Radio Shack but didn't find anything that would work. The closest thing i have found was a trailer hitch connector with 4 wires. I also found an RC car battery connector that uses a little heavier guage wire.



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        Go to a junkyard (Pick N Pull or U Pull It variety), find a connector pair you like in some harness, cut wires on both sides of the connectors.. take home and splice to your heart's content.


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          molex mini jr?
          dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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            I like the junk yard idea. Its a good excuse to rummage around some old cars.


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              I dont know if you guys can get your hands on them, but Anderson Plugs are pretty cool. You can set them up any which way you want as far as orientation. They will into each other just by turning them upside down.

              I have been using these at my job for a couple of years wiring up medium voltage variable frequency drives for large electric motors.

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