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  • Cheap DAB & FM Radio Option

    I was not planning on posting until my install was completed but thought I should share this little find with you all. I am not using a head unit in my set up and have therefore lost my radio, I looked around at loads of in-car DAB options and found bad reviews on most, now I was in Curry's yesterday and they are selling add on DAB receivers for home stereo's, they are really small and they run on 9 volts. They cost just under 10 so I thought I would get one to play about with. I have just been out on a road test and I am amazed at the quality of reception. It is also analogue so between the two you can get loads of stations. Just thought I would mention it because it has solved my problem perfectly and such a bargain. They are called " DAB Radio Adaptor" and made under a no brand name of "DAB Digital Radio" Not sure how long they will have them but they seem to work as well as the 100+ models designed for cars.

    My first post!! Hope someone finds it useful, back soon with my completed PC install for inspection.