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Sirius whine, caused by my OEM Sirius antenna?!?

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  • Sirius whine, caused by my OEM Sirius antenna?!?

    Ok so I spent the better part of the last 3 hours trying to track down a ground loop with my SC-C1 and MJS's interface box/cables. First I thought it was the sound card so I ran the onboard sound line out into the Audigy 2's line in. Playing a loop through the two resulting in crystal clear sound, no noise at all. Sound card was ruled out as a cause. Hooked the line out on Mitch's box back up the line in on the Audigy and the noise was back. Unplugged the USB cable, noise was still there. Not the problem obviously. Next I tried unplugging the cable that goes from Mitch's box to the SC-C1. Low and behold, no noise. At this point I knew it was something in the SC-C1 tuner. This lead me to trying something a bit off the wall. I was using my vehicles OEM Sirius antenna with the SC-C1 and decided I would try to unplug that. To my amazement all the noise went away. Using the supplied Sirius antenna the SC-C1 also exhibits no noise.

    This lead me to discover that some how my OEM Sirius antenna is causing interference with the SC-C1 box or has a ground loop some how. What I can't understand is why. Are these antennas different in some way? They both work just fine and I get comparable reception. Yet the OEM antenna causes all kinds of noise. I'd really like to use it as it's much easier to run (since it's already there) and it keeps things clean. I already had to add my GPS antenna so adding another antenna is less than ideal.

    If any one has any idea what could be the problem, or any way to test/fix it let me know. I'm at a loss with this one.
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