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Switching system for domestic purposes

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  • Switching system for domestic purposes


    Im trying to design a switching system like in your house controlled by a hub and then through the internet. So initial stages is coming up with a switching system. I just wanted different ideas, thoughts regarding this. The voltage im dealing with is about 12-15 volts 1amp or so. I was thinking of using a relay and the microcontroller cant be driven directly so i though you may need a transistor or something, so if anyone has ideas, thoughts or circuits in the switching area would be great, im only in planning phase so would look at different areas like costs involved, safety, feasibility

    thanks guys

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    What are you trying to switch on and off?
    Does it use AC or DC voltage?


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      fusion brain is perfect for this and can be controlled remotely via website.


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        thank you for your replies and in short we have a controller and a relay for switching, controller cant directly drive a relay so we need a transistor... i was looking into x10 controller which comunicates through the power lines in a house, what would be some of the safety electrical standards involved like would this cause disturbance to someone next door, can this cause any damage to the setup at home....where could i check these standards