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computer controlled windows/sunroof/trunk

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  • computer controlled windows/sunroof/trunk

    okay i have a custom built mini-itx computer. with 7in in dash Lilliput touchscreen. is there any way that i could wire up something through usb to the power window motors and control them through the computer touch. I'm not going eliminate the window switches i just want a way to control car functions through the computer.

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    A bit more information might help people help you.

    e.g. What car is this for?

    Some cars have bus control .e. BMW with their iBus and you can control, on some models, the windows and sunroof by using an interface to it

    Others ways is to use relay boards, like the velleman R8055 or the Fusion Brain (something developed by members on the forum)


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      Im doing the exact same thing with my convertible top, trunk, windows, etc. One thing you should look into is auto-up and auto-down modules for the windows. You really need to know your car pretty well first, get all the wiring diagrams, and then figure out what you want the buttons to do. If you're just emulating a press of the window switches, you can hook a relay up in parallel to the switch no matter what kind of system your car uses. The bus or modules will just see the window switch being pressed.
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        2000 acura integra


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          Assuming they still use the same cable system the G2 integras do, you would need a solenoid for the hatch. Then something like Fusion Brain should work for you, or get the roll-up/roll down modules, though you might still need Fusion Brain to trigger them.


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            With a previous project we used a USB interface box from jaycar and just ran the wires straight from that to a mosfet with the supplied 12 volts to the door control for the windows and this was more or less pressing the buttons on the controller and was easy to remove afterwards as well.

            But yea any interface will work being if you want to use a USB option like fusion brain or go direct with something more like a parallel port.
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