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RJ45 Wake On Link Relay/Switch

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  • RJ45 Wake On Link Relay/Switch

    Well here is my question for the pros out here I recently purcched a eee 1000h for my carputer.

    My goal was to get the pc to be moviable for trips when I wasn't in my car. So far so good my computer has vga out and will wake on link change with a rj45 loop back cable with wires 1+3 and 2+6.

    I saw bleesani's loop back relay and was wondering for those that know if I would need two relays like his or only one for automatic start up if I have the eee pc powered through a dc-dc cigarette lighter plug?

    Also I was wondering about a soldering a switch on the rj45 wires 2+6 but I was wondering what kind of voltage goes through these wires?

    If so I would need probably a switch the handels low wattage. I've found some on at radio shack that are for pc that are rated as follows 12VDC/50mA (

    So for the pros that know about wiring if you could help me with some info that would really be appriciated thanks.
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    Originally posted by alphaae View Post
    but I was wondering what kind of voltage goes through these wires?
    less than 3 volt.
    Btw. voltage does not go through wires or anything. Voltage is a the difference between two points. Current can run through wires, but not voltage.


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      Here's the run down on the RJ45 wake on link button project

      1.go into your device maanager and select your ethernet and right click proporties

      2.Uner the properties window for my pc selected the shutdown wakeup is changed to on the same window select the Wake up capabilities and switch to all or link change

      4. Once that is done grab and rj45 cable and cut off one end of the plug.

      5. connect wires 1+3 (white orange and white green) together ( for permanant soder together)

      6. Connect wires 2+6 to a push button (green and orange)

      That should get your computer to wake on link using a push button

      I am using a short cable maybe about 6 inches at most I hope that when I use a longer run to go from my trunk to my dash that I wont have a problem. I will keep you posted I hope this helps you guys out.
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        Hey alphaae

        I have tried the method you posted, but i am having a small problem...

        I have my screen and my eee pc powered from the ignition(cigarete lighter adaptor).....when i hibernate the PC and then turn the car off and back on again, i cannot start the PC with the RJ45 button...but if i leave the car on, put the PC to hibernate, and then turn it back on with the RJ45 button, it will work...

        Any ideas s to what is going on?



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          Hey Ambush as I know the only requirment for this is that the pc should have a power supply when you use the link button. What EEE PC do you have by the way?
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            It the 7" *GB does have power when i try to turn it on, but it loses power evertime the car gets turned off...the only way to get it to work is to turn on the eee with the original power button, and then hibernate it...would the network card be resetting when the PC looses power?


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              Are you trying to turn the PC on with the car off?
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                No, i always try turn it on with the car on


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                  OK I was just wondering about that cause as far as I know you must have power to the laptop in order to have it work. Let me see if I can replicate your problem and see if we can both figure it out. The only thing Is I probably wont be able to get to it till next week though but I will let you know as soon as I do. If you figure it out make sure you post it here for others.
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                    Will do, cheers


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                      one more thing, what are your settings in the power management tab in the card properties?

                      Mine is set to default settings


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                        As far as I now I haven't changed anything in the power managment settings.

                        Also on a side note check to see if you have updated the bios and stuff from asus that might be a reason why your link change isn't working correctly just as a side note that might be worth trying.
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                          I updated my bios but its still not working..


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                            Any progress on this? I have the eee 1005ha and have the same problem. Loopback rj45 works fine from hibernate. Once I turn the vehicle off and the power switches to battery for hibernate and then resume AC or DC power WOL no longer works. It seems that once you switch to battery power the NIC loses power and no longer can sense the WOL command. Is there anyway to keep the NIC powered even from laptop battery?


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                              Originally posted by Mod1Fy View Post
                              Is there anyway to keep the NIC powered even from laptop battery?
                              What are your settings in the Power Mangement tab?

                              Configuring Network adapters
                              It varies from network adapter to network adapter how to change which type of wake up message it responds to. In Windows you can often do using by editing the advanced settings whilst configuring the network adapter in device manager.

                              However it is often easier to achieve by using the Power Management tab (only present for adapters that support it).

                              This tab presents you with three options relevant to Wake on LAN

                              "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."
                              This has a very misleading description, as it is required for the PC to wake using the device (and therefore obviously won't turn it off it that circumstance). "Allow the computer to control the power state of this device" would be more fitting.

                              "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby"
                              Checking this will turn on both type of wakes for a network adapter (Magic Packet and WakeUp Frame).

                              "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby"
                              This also has a misleading description. It actually means PCs will only be woken using the Magic Packet and not by whatever "Wakeup Frame" that network adapter supports.

                              Once a PC has been configured with the options, any tool capable of sending the appropriate wake up message to the PC, should wake it, assuming your PC hardware and network infrastructure support it.
                              Try to check the first two boxes and unchek the last box.

                              The text for the last box is different in my Windows 7 RC 7100:
                              Mine says the more descriptive "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" instead of the more confusing "Only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby".
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