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Best Phone for Freefone 1.4?

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  • Best Phone for Freefone 1.4?

    Sorry if this has been covered somewhere before but I've searched and can't find anything (or I can find a relevant thread, but theres like 3000 odd replies).

    My Sony Ec K750i just packed in. That worked well with freefone (while testing). But now I have to get a new phone and I'd rather get a newer one which I know works well with Freefone 1.4 standalone.

    What phones have people got and how well do they work?

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    For anyone else who is interested. CDRSkull, the author of Freefone uses a K800i himself (or was when Freefone was being worked on) so I guess all major testing was done on that model - sooo I have just bought one off ebay.


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      It worked fine with my k800i on my test bench, but I haven't set it up in the car yet. Let us know how you go if you beat me to it :P


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        Phone hasn't arrived yet... flippin Ebay!

        I tried it before on my K750i in the huose, and it worked fine with no echo either.

        I'll let you know what happens soon when the phone finally arrives


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          Was that with bluetooth or the usb cable?


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            With bluetooth


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              Okay and which Bluetooth stack? Last time I tried with the latest Bluesoleil but I have yet to install any on my fresh install. I want to get it all right from the start, hoping to do this later today


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                I used one of the widcomm 5.x.x.x ones... the new (second hand) phone has only just arrived - grrrr ebay.

                So hopefully one evening this week I'll be trying it out and will report back


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                  I installed BlueSoleil, it pairs up with my phone fine, can connect serial port/transfer files/etc/etc. However cannot get Freefone to work at all with it. It's always saying 'Trying to connect', and looking at the debug log, it seems like it sends replies out but never receives a reply from the phone.

                  If I connect the phone by USB however, Freefone works fine. I tried another phone (Nokia 6600 or something) via bluetooth and it does the exact same thing as the k800.

                  I look forward to your results... hopefully better than mine


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                    thanks for the update. As far as I'm aware, only the widcomm drivers will work. When I did it before I saved the correct widcomm drivers that worked (5.something), but haven't got access to the folder at the mo as I'm in work and its on my pc at home.

                    Bluesoleil stacks are a bit funny. I didn't get them to work at all.

                    I've got such a busy life, full time work, part time business (fixing computers), and three kids so can only do the car pc stuff in my spare spare time like you know. Anyway, as soon as I have an evening free this week I'm gonna sort it out and will let you know.


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                      haha, I just installed the Widcomm drivers and now have BSOD on startup, even when trying safe mode :P

                      Damn bluetooth


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                        Doh! Try removing the bluetooth dongle and then starting up. If that doesn't work and starting up in safe mode is not working either, you could try 'Last know good configuration'.

                        I never had any BSODs when trying different bluetooth drivers. Are you sure you uninstalled bluesoleil properly before installing widcomm drivers?


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                          Yeah I uninstalled Bluesoleil and restarted, then the Microsoft stack took over before I tried installed Widcomm. I shall go out and give it another go after I watch Top Gear.

                          edit: and yeah I tried unplugging the Bluetooth dongle by unplugging the hub it was connected to. No change


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                            right then mate. Sorry for the delay. I've tried freefone with the K800i now and the program works fine.

                            Use Widcomm drivers, pair with the phone using Widcomm bluetooth application on the computer, open a serial COM port (it will automatically assign a com port number - remember which com port it assigns for later), also open an audio gateway with the phone. (note, you may need to 'discover services' to find the audio gateway)

                            At some point doing the above it'll say you need a passkey (on computer) to connect to phone. Use any number you want (I used 22222), then on the phone it will ask you for the number. After that, on the phone it'll ask you if you want this connection to start automatically next time - obviously choose yes or you'll be putting in 22222 every time.

                            Once thats done (took about 15 mins), all I did on the phone was go to settings, communications, bluetooth, and 'choose headset' (or similar text). Because I was paired with the car pc I just chose it from the list on the phone.

                            Next thing to do is go to the FreeFone directory and open the settings file and change the COM port to the one assigned for you (see above). Also, I was able to get the phonebook list doing it that way.

                            That worked. I also had to tinker with the sound and audio settings in windows, in particular the mic settings.

                            Now, it all works, BUT I'm having a problem with feedback from the microphone. Its all fine when the master volume on the car pc is turned almost all the way down. As soon as I turn the master volume up, then sounds coming out of the car speakers go into the microphone and back out of the car speakers again. Its a crazy crazy loud humming noise which also squeeks really really loud. Not practible.

                            SO, I'm going to have a tinker with the mic volumes (playback, and recording) and see if I turn the mic recording and playback vols down to almost zero whether that helps the situation. If that don't work then I'm off to try some different mics. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A GOOD CHEAP MIC TO USE?

                            Oh, one more thing, I couldn't get it to embed in Freeice (any help to offer guys?), and I couldn't get the phonebook pic feature to work.


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                              Hmm... I've found out my dongle isn't compatible with the recessary Widcomm drivers (only version 1.4) which why I couldnt get mine to work. Which dongle are you using?

                              I ended up buying a dongle that is compatible but it hasn't arrived yet. However I think I might try out that plugin since it might get SMS feature in the future.

                              Thanks for the update!