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Can anyone help a noob out?

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  • Can anyone help a noob out?

    I wanted to know if I am on the right track on this mp3 player input. The post was from a long time ago on here and no one has replied so I figured I would start a new thread and see if anyone pays attention to it I guess. Anyway the radio is a 5 band EQ radio for an 87 Camaro. I got some phillips phone wire from Wal mart (cat 5, I think that is what the wire in the post looked like.) and the spdt switch and some vinyl grommets from radio shack. I want it out the back to hide it. (the pic of the completed radio is one I found on ebay but that is how I want mine) I think I have it right but don't normally mess with stuff like this but it is what I am looking for on my 87 Camaro convertible project. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps. The way I took the thread is the orange and white wires I have an arrow going to are the right and left channels and the black on the harness would be a ground but I would be better off using the radio case as a ground. I need to clip the orange and white wires and two wires go to the cassette side and the other 2 two the spdt switch side and then wire up the switch correctly. The diagram for it is on the old post. This should be an easy one for you guys that actually know what you are doing. I think I am right but want to double check.
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    Delco Transporter Radio/CD

    Im working on a similar project. Ur radio looks a lot like mine. The Amp will seperate from the tuner and there's a nice surprise on the top of it. Sorry about the tape, used some crayon to show that the pinout is etched into the amp. I was just about to take a stab in the dark when i noticed it through the thick layer of dust.
    So, basically, you could splice into the back of the unit, if you wanted to instead of soldering. But, the pinout is worth finding.
    Oh, you probably already know, but, the terminals are marked on the female connector on the back. One corner has, in my case, a 16 and the other a 1. The other connector has two rows.


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      anyone??? I want to try and get this done?