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The ultimate carpc controller !!

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  • The ultimate carpc controller !!


    here again, bringing you new idea's..

    now how about custumizing this as a CARPC controller:

    it cost nothing compared to what you can get out of it..

    looky here also:

    it's fully customable, we can make it control just about anything we want..

    most important thing - it gives us volume control and jog control and system data and everything we could possiblly want.

    bare in mind that it is basiclly very thin so it can be built into any setup (much like the alpine h701 proccesor if you know what i mean..)

    has a NAD look also don't you think ??

    glad to help

    over and out.

    peace !

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    That's pretty cool, and would be good for having a headless carpc. Personally I'll stick with a touchscreen though... but good find!
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      this is ****in sweet !!!
      its a little big though, might be hard to mount for most people.
      i also looked around and found this smaller version
      it doesnt have all these buttons though ... might be good for a volume controll knob though (;
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        Cool for a home theater computer.
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          i love it, really want one, it would make a perfect accent to my system, always wanted a way to physically control media playback with out moving away from say my GPS screen
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