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Extreeme cold and IBUS

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  • Extreeme cold and IBUS

    I have tried to find information on this both by searching here and on Google...

    Now.. the thing is... There have been like -25 C around here lately and ofcourse original equipment is lagged... Mostly in the LCD displays but, CD player will not play untill its been heated up a little while buy listening to radio. So all this is OK, and no.. The question is NOT about display or harddrives...

    The question is...
    How do/can/does it? cold weather effect the IBUS device. What I am afraid of, is that it will throw out random signals on the bus, making all kinds of weird issues.
    I do know that the signals are sent in hex, so the actual chance for a "miscode" would be small, but still.. Could it happen?
    Would hate driving home and all of a sudden loose my headlights....

    PS: for you non-metric folks... minus 25 Celsius is 248 Kelvin, or minus 13 Fahrenheit.

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    Hi Crinos!

    I would doubt very much that transmission on ibus is affected by temperature. It seems to survive very low voltages, so I do not see why it should not work at low temperatures.

    Ibus is quite short messages with both parity and a simple crc, so as long as the devices test on that I think missinterpretation is a lot less likely than message drop.

    Having said that I am not sure what spec the chips are in automotiv in general. The Melexis TH3122 that is the ibus driver used by Resler is specified from -40...
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      Ah.. That is good to know.. If there's ever -40 outside. I'm NEVER going to set my foot outside...


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        gennerally computer compontents are compatilbe with -40c to +65c, we have a big enviromental chamber at work and test our products to these temperatures.


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          Originally posted by Enforcer View Post
          Fahrenheit or Celsius?
          Hehe... Nice one!