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Using audio fiber optical cable to lightning - need advice

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  • Using audio fiber optical cable to lightning - need advice

    Well i need to know some info about optical fiber cable for lightning...i wanna use some type of fiber optical cable like Toslink ones and use them to lightning, using a led i already have and have also experimented with some Toslink cable already but i need to know if there are any cables which are better or not so thin to make something with 5 mm in diameter

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    Fibre optic cables are for digital transmission, not for light transference. They are thin by design and intent.
    To transfer light (eg, surgical lighting, or surgical "cameras"), multiple strands are used.

    What you seek are light tubes etc.
    Some are manufactured for lamp extensions (hobbyist torches, surgical lighting etc).


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      Try clear acrylic rods...

      Or if your really looking for something that bends and bows like a "cable" Go to lowes or any hardward store and go to the plumbing section. There they have tubing... In all sorts of sizing. Then get a ton of silicone. Take your tubing, and cap off one. Pinch it off, or get a pvc cap to stick in there. Then fill the tube with your silicone. Getting the bubbles out is a chore if you care that much about it. Now you have two choices you can cut the silicone "snake" out of the tubing or leave it in. Wrap it with tape or heat shrink and your done... Hella cheap fiber optics. I feel like I just did a write up on arts and crafts...

      That is just one way to get what you want... Try searching google or a how to site. They should have some stuff on this...
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        Nylon fishing yarn.
        Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p