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custom high-end car pc case

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  • custom high-end car pc case

    hey you guyz,

    after building my first carpc a year ago, i'm now building a prototype of a high end solution (now that i'm aware of all the high-end carpc's needs and difficulties)

    i started with the case. i had contacted a firm that manufacture custom cases and we designed an aluminium case that can hold a zotac 9300d-e mini-itx motherboard and an asus xonar deluxe 1.3 hdav soundcard. the case also got a special area for the m4-atx power supply:

    so here you go, first picture:

    any thoughts ? idea's ? ( i personally can't wait to get some red led's inside it like it was a zalman gt case..)

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    looks good. Got any more pics? What firm did you go with?
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      I loved it! I might be in for one...but maybe it's a bit long? What are the dimensions? Can you put some pictures with the components in?

      Interesting, I like the idea of a case that puts the M4 (and the DSATX too perhaps?) together with the mini-itx...
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        the case is on its way to me via EMS so i can't really measure it. it should be less than 30cm wide.

        i also though of various number of psu's so there is an internal plate with diffrent holes for diffrent psu's.

        also, there is a dedicated place for two 2.5" hard drives or one 3.5".

        here's another picture:


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          any update on this? looking to start building my PC as soon as zotac releases their new itx mobo, and will prob be using an m4. also, any estimated price? also, make sure to put some documentation in when you get it going, nothing more aggrevating then having a product you know should function but... just... wont... work!

          need more pics! looks good


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            actually, this case was made with the zotac h55 mobo in mind..

            i'm now working on some changes to the case in order for it to be able to handle diffrent psu's.
            (there is a problem with trying to fit diffrent psu's so users might need to cut a hole in the case for the 12V leads - each to fit his own psu)

            also, i want it to have hard power and reset button's aswell as maybe fitting some kind of multi-purpose connector that will carry power/reset/5v/12v to the front of the car.

            the price is an issue.. this case will be produced in europe and in small batches, it won't be cheap but it will be made for us carpc fanatics.

            i can only guess it will be ready for shipping in a month or two.

            thanks for your interest.


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              the zotac also has 4 interal USB headers... maybe a place to hook em up externally if you wanted? since its going to be a primium anway, might as well get the most of out it lol.

              also, maybe some room for a nice big fan on top, like a 80mm or a 120mm, so it can say nice and cool, as well as silent? this is just more of a pondering then an actual suggestion


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                Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

                07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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                  any news on this? just ordered my mobo


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                    I'm guessing this project died?


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                      The project indeed died. there is no financial justification to manufacture and create such a product only for capc's and it will cost about 100$ +shipping for the consumer. i'm using the prototype today and it is a bad-*** case, i installed 30cm led strip inside and i switched the clear perspex with a dark blue one. it looks amazing !


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                        Shame this dies!
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                          well, find a way to add a VESA mount to the back and sell the design to a company that makes computer cases like jetway. i still say this case looks bad, and i want one :P


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                            note: i have no desire for a case of any sort, but for those that are interested:

                            for those that were interested in it, would it be possible to post some sheets indicating where to cut/bend the metal?

                            while i couldn't make it all of it look that professional, i am pretty sure that most of the case could be done by hand with basic tools..

                            for instance:

                            i made this entire case using a dremel to cut the square holes, a drill with a couple drill bits, and a hammer, and right-angle edge of my workbench to get the sides to shape.. the dremel was a more expensive model, but if buying the tools outright, i think all of them would be available for under $50(check harbor freight )
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                              you can get a metal brake from harbor freight for ~$30. would make bending a lot easier
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