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Analog to USB Controller possible MIDI

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  • Analog to USB Controller possible MIDI

    I am only writing this because I saw a similar post that did not quite cover everything I need.

    I am looking for some basic information on how to get 16 potentiometers interfaced to USB. I believe that I will need and A/D converter chip and then an USB interface chip. The purpose is to eventually have a 4x4 knob box that can control MIDI software on a computer.

    I understand that some USB interface IC's already have drivers etc... so I assume that this may help me skip the driver writing portion of this endeavor.

    I do not need step by step instructions for this project. I just need information such as "you could use an A/D converter such as this "*" and an USB interface IC such as "*", with code/no code... whatever...

    If this is not something that I should be posting please ignore this post and I am sorry. Like I said, I saw a post similar to this and needed more info, so I figured that this is something acceptable.

    No, I do not want to "hack" a mouse or video game controller. I want to learn how to do this. I am an Electrical Engineering Technology major but I am only in my first year but cannot wait to start on this project.

    Thank you for you help.