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Cheap chinese in-dash dvd/usb/gps 7" info required

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  • Cheap chinese in-dash dvd/usb/gps 7" info required


    I find really interesting the general concept of sourcing chinese cheap products and modding them (mainly sw-wise) to fit requirements.

    I am trying to gather info on these cheap, usually double DIN, players that can be found on ebay and the such.

    As usual there's a wide range with minor packaging and GUI differences, but mostly have the same internals and software. Common features are:
    - RDS, AM/FM Radio
    - 4 x 45 to 60W outputs
    - DVD/CD-RW etc. etc. readers
    - SD slot (usually max 8GB)
    - USB (some support enough pwr for portable drives)
    - iPod interface (** Not sure if this is the audio only supported by only some iPods models or the full "control" interface)
    - Bluetooth (phone control / dial and A2DP)
    - Analog TV Tuner
    - 2x Video-outs
    - 1x Video-in (Rear view camera)
    - Interface for steering wheel ctrls, hand brake sensor, rear gear
    - IR Remote

    Some also have integrated GPS with ext port for the antenna.

    Main issues: poor LCD resolution, slow interface, poor and buggy software/GUI, bad mfg quality.

    Price range: 130 to 160 GBP from ShenZen / HK

    I am interested in:
    a) redoing the GUI
    b) redoing the sw interface
    c) expanding the feature set depending on memory/cpu and platform
    d) Implement the use of Bluetooth GPS in the models without it (would be pretty easy if it's an embedded WinCE)

    If anyone owns or has knowledge about these devices, or wants to point me in the right direction .. or provide feedback / get involved:

    - Know what are the main ICs used, especially the CPU, memory size and rom size
    - OS or platform for the interface
    - Forum/sites with info on them and where to find schematics, sources, tools
    - Someone who has already modded them

    Example of one:

    Tnx !!!