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    Hello I embedded a Samsung Galaxy Tab into the 2DIN space of my Alfa MiTO, it fits perfecty since the tablet is almost exact 2din size. 10 minutes dremel on a 2din aftermarket plastic frame and the job is done.

    But I got 8 wheel buttons on the Mito I'd really like to let my talblet be aware of. I got no problems in doing the app to handle incoming stuff, the problem is that I can connect to the tablet only by Bluetooth or by WIFI. I need a SWI over bluetooth, so I can write an app to handle the stuff from the paired bluetooth transmitter.

    Is there any SWI->bluetooth device I can purchase/build by myself? Does exist some bluetooth transmitter that may bridge that kind of signals?

    I know I could just use a made in china bluetooth-whatever-device to disassemble it, reusing its buttons to replace the Mito's ones, but I prefer not to unscrew apart the wheel.
    Thanks in advance.
    Galaxy Tab Carputer in my Alfa Romeo MiTo - dashboard integrated:

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    Originally posted by ruspa View Post
    if You find a serial one, or build it by Yourself with a microcontroller, then there is a very good BT modul that can act as transparent serial cable: Rayson BTM-222, for example from TME

    its a very simple class1 module with preloaded Serial Port Profile (SPP) firmware, very few part is required to get it work
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