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My New Project : HU replacement hardware

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  • My New Project : HU replacement hardware

    Hi All,

    I was playing with carpc for a few years now. Recently Iíve changed my car so looking for new install. On my previous install Iíve used my Pioneer head unit to adjust all aspects of sound ( volume, Tone, Balance, High And Low Fq. Filters, SUB output etc. ) It as quite good as i prefer to use buttons of my steering wheel as playing with touch screen and going thru few screens of Centrafuse to change bass level is annoying. Downside was that it was not displaying song names on the HU display only ďAUXĒ and it was quite bulky install. Rest of the futures of the car pc used to be controlled via 6.5Ē touch screen LCD. I would like to achieve something similar on my new car but without using head unit


    So I want to get Arduino board connected to the PC via RS232 ( to read the song titles and to pass button presets to Centrafuse to change song, play, pause etc ). Arduino will have buttons connected ( ideally situated around the computers touch screen LCD, buttons from the steering wheel would be connected to the Arduino as well. Then I want to connect 4x40 character display ( or mono graphics 240x64) to the Arduino via RS232 to display song names, volume, menu for changing tone levels etc.

    Everyone will ask why do I use Arduino board and not connect the LCD and buttons straight to the PC. Simple reason: I donít want to relay on the PC to control audio. I hate when i have few seconds delay in changing volume because PC is calculating something at the moment. Or when it crashes i cannot change to volume what so ever. I want my Arduino board to control the audio output via TAS3103 + TAS5026. It will provide volume, tone, equaliser ( with 7 settings which i can program myself and use ), low and high pass filter ( via the equaliser which can be programmed per channel ), L/R and F/R balance. Audio will then output to 4 channel amplifier.

    I've already purchased Arduino Mega board and got samples of the TAS3103. Now my next step is to find an LCD and then I can start programming. Iím struggling to find appropriate size LCD with the red backlight ( I want to match the rest of the dashboard ) I think I should have no problem programming Arduino but I will straggle on the PC side to talk to Centrafuse via RS232. I know it is simple and SDK is available but Iím a specialist in hardware not programming .

    What do you think guys? Maybe someone else is interested in such hardware?

    Fraglez - Automotive and Marine Computers

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    good luck on your project!

    while i haven't seen many looking for this type of setup, i am sure that it could help someone later.
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    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided