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Android based Infotainment development questions

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  • Android based Infotainment development questions


    I am intersted in doing a project for an infotainment system based on the Android platform,

    Initially this is a development project so it doesnt have to be the most cutting edge hardware,
    but what I cannot find and some of you guys may know is whether there are development kits
    the incorporate a touchscreen and peripherals such as GPS, FM/AM tuner, Bluetooth, CAN etc,
    that is able to run android.

    My other dev idea is to buy a cheap android tablet which already has some of the peripherals and design a card that converts CAN to USB,
    My profession is as a software engineer, so anything were I can cut out as much of the electronic engineering as possible is where I want to go for now.

    Any ideas here would be much appreciated.


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    We are also searching for infotainment system with software source, but ware unable to get any, so we are thinking to make one.
    Since we have a lot of experiences with FriendlyArm board, we are planing to build one around it.

    I have started a project at

    the overall price of components should be under 250EUR

    We are prepared to make development board, but we don't have enough resources for software.

    Is anyone prepared to contribute?