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    • Originally posted by 356Speedster View Post
      Has anyone got the Monkeyboard working with a Galaxy S 10.5? I'm planning to replace my Win 7 CarPC for a tab only install, but I'm struggling to work out if there's a way to get the Monkeyboard working with a tablet......

      The Galaxy has a single USB, which with a Lava TL002 can provide charging and a single USB slot. This will allow Monkeyboard control, but I'm at a loss to see how the audio can be connected. The Tab S's 3.5mm socket will have to feed an amp & car speakers, so how can the radio board's music be connected? Any thoughts / advice would be gratefully received!


      • Originally posted by achillealb View Post
        Thanks, although I don't speak German Looking around the site, it seems that Bluetooth is mentioned, so I assume that the idea is to get a 3.5mm A2DP module and use audio streaming to get the audio back to the Tab, right?
        2013 Ultima Can Am - Can I fit it with a CarPC?
        MP3Car PC build worklog here
        Facebook full car build here


        • Hi all, I have recently got the Monkeyboard DAB Development Board Pro but am struggling to find any C# code for it. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thanks.


          • Does anyone have any samples in c# for this Monkeyboard (DAB DAB+ FM Digital Radio Development Board Pro)? I have found a lot but no c#.


            • Originally posted by clinkadink View Post
              Does anyone have any samples in c# for this Monkeyboard (DAB DAB+ FM Digital Radio Development Board Pro)? I have found a lot but no c#.
              No, i have only VB.NET examples, but it's easy to traduce from VB to c# .


              • I wonder if anyone can advise me on how to incorporate my monkeyboard ive just ordered from cartft into my nexus 7 install,
                at the moment I have my tablet and phone connected to a parrot mki9200 via Bluetooth, everything is working fine apart from the sdr dongle having non existent reception, ive tried multiple sdr dongles/antennas, and all have failed in a moving vehicle, hence the reason ive now ordered a monkeyboard
                I don't have a separate amp in car, so asking for advice how I can make use of my new gadget once it arrives
                this what ive been advised by another nexus 7 car instal user

                Tablet audio -> Bluetooth -> Parrot Tablet USB ->Monkeyboard -> Aux parrot input

                Parrot -> Car

                This would work if the parrot can mix 3 audio channels together
                but cant find any info as to the parrot is capable of this, anyone here know this information?
                I was also advised that if the parrot cannot do the above id need a mixer, anyone know of the smallest mixer I could use for my install, as space is at a push in my motor ,and also the extra power I will need to get to power another device,
                been looking at mixers and wondering if this would work if needed a mixer
                if links not allowed please remove accordingly and apologise in advance if this breaches forum rules

                also I saw earlier in the thread that there was talk of a plexi-glass/acrylic case being made to house the monkeyboard, is it possible for me to buy one of these somewhere??

                best regards moiloon
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                • Has anyone any plans to get the slideshow functioning with the android monkeyboard app?
                  Ive got my nexus7 installed and monkeyboard which is working faultlessly and I'm well chuffed
                  Slideshow functioning would be the cherry on the cake so to speak lol
                  Here's hoping


                  • I think you might have better luck asking this on the monkeyboard forum. I know Mickz did a lot of work on the monkeyboard but he is only windows. Good luck SNO


                    • Originally posted by mitchjs View Post
                      I got 1 (technically 2) Keystone Semi 8290C development boards that i built over a year ago
                      when i was messing with this device...
                      since i didnt go anywhere with it... mostly that we dont have DAB in USA, while its a nice FM Radio
                      not ideal for us in USA...
                      these boards sitting here collecting dust

                      will work with all SF the monkeyboard does, its just a USB to Serial interface for the T1_L4A_8290C
                      infact i use the sw in this thread... i also have my own, sw but that was designed for R&D of the protocol

                      if someone wants this, pm me.... $25 + shipping (shouldnt be much even world wide)

                      it has a SMB antenna connector, you might have to adapt

                      if i sell the 1st one, and someone wants the 2nd one, i just have to solder in the 8290C module...

                      would be a good item for a front end developer to have....
                      i know this is a very old thread, but do you still have these boards for sale?
                      could use for my nexus install