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  • An idea....

    Beeing away from the car pc playground for the good part of over a year i was struck by an idea a month back

    Would there be any good in trying to get a new project up that makes a carpc system based on the raspberry pi?

    that said if the idea sounds good enough, i have one very big short comming, i cant do the programming side,

    But i can do all the hardware, my initial plan was to make a custom PCB that the raspberry pi kind of docks in to, my plan was to put a pin header that the pi's gpio connects to, this means that the pi had to be turned upside down, lucky the pi has to mount holes where i planned to use standoff's so the 2 things did not rattle under use

    on this board of mine the plan was to integrate stuff like radio, tire pressure monitor etc etc.... maybe even CAN-bus connection.

    and then fit it all in to a doulbe din cage with a touch screen... or single din with the screen external...

    but give me some feedback on the idea
    Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.

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    There is another recent topic onsite where a guy made a carpc out of the raspberry pi. He used XBMC for the front end. I use XBMC for my TV at home, because I don't want to pay for cable tv, and I get lots of channels.


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      well that is what i would call an audio player.... what about tire pressure etc etc... not to mention radio
      Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.


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        I personally think with the way the market is for carpc's I would hold off on a major project like that. The automotive manufactures have taken the ball and are running with it. We can't compete with the millions of dollars they have to devote to R&D. I think I would take an existing product and help develope it more. I have made an all in one solution for windows boxes and outside of my client, I have had very little interest shown in it. Pick a front end and offer your help to refine a product. It's all do able. Only my thoughts and observations on this. Good Luck SNO