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'97 Chevy 1.5DIN HU & making aux-in questions

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  • '97 Chevy 1.5DIN HU & making aux-in questions

    Sooo.....I have a '97 Chevy truck, stock din & a half deck in it. I want to 'upgrade', but both want to keep this somewhat stock looking, as well as gain a bit of functionality. Trucks a base model, so it's the really ****ty crap-tastic deck.

    I've seen people retrofitting Chrysler head units into the Chevy's, and it actually looks good. I've done some research and tehre is an Alpine-made head unit referred to as the RBU. It's tape/CD, found in early 2000's Chrysler products. I've seen somebody wire an aux input into a similar model (the RAZ I beleive) but not the RBU.

    This is the RAZ with an aux input added: RAZ Cassette CD Player AUX Radio

    This is the RBU: The Chrysler RBU Stereo-CD Stereo Head Unit From Alpine: Takeapart Guide

    Any help would be appreciated. Or if somebody has another option for my truck, I'm all ears.....

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    I installed a JVC unit for my daughter last year, single din, BT, no CD and it works great. Her phone connects and sounds great, she streams BT music from her phone everyday. The best's about a $100-$120 that's it. I'm not sure why you would start trying to install a Chrysler unit in your GM when 100 bucks will give you everything and work well.
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