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Anyone know where to find volume buttons to hack out for steering wheel controls

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  • Anyone know where to find volume buttons to hack out for steering wheel controls

    I am looking for something to hack into so I can use the volume controls on my steering wheel. I have three buttons, an up and a down, and a misc. I can run a knob up front, but want the clean look of the stock setup. The coleman USB seems to be too much work if I can find something with pushbuttons. I have thought about hacking the remote from my Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum, and then just putting the transmitter and reciever next to each other hidden in the car. That sounds just a tad too cheesy for me, but I don't know if they would make a push button volume control that was either USB, a card for the PC, or soemthing I could stick in a bin.
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    rip apart an old gamepad and solder the buttons to the contact pads on the controller.


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      Make your own interface using a serial port or joystick port and girder. Then you can use any switch you like. Electric mirror type switches are good as you can have up and down for volume and left right for track. You can also hack a gamepad and have a nice usb interface and use the girder HID plugin.


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        an old mouse.... already has buttons.


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          A motorized analog potentiometer?
          You'd need to use a couple of relays to control it from those pushbuttons. It'd be possible to have volume up/down pushbuttons in other locations, like the trunk or back seat, or controlled from spare outputs from the car alarm remote.