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XM Direct digital adapter or XM PC cable with SkyFi2???

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  • XM Direct digital adapter or XM PC cable with SkyFi2???

    I have scanned various sites and searched here, but didn't really find anything recent on this issue. This is very similar to some things I have read about folks trying the SkyFi and SkyFi2 with "the cable", but with a twist.

    Does anybody have info on controlling a SkyFi2 with the XM Direct digital adaptor (e.g. XMDALP100 for Alpine)? Does anybody have recent info on controlling a SkyFi2 with "The Cable" itself? The last I had read, some people were successfully documenting SkyFi2 commands, but I haven't read anything about using the smart digital adapter made for XM Direct.

    I assume the SkyFi2 understands the same language as XM direct. Can it be controlled by the HU through the Terk digital adapter?

    What I would like to do is use a SkyFi2 exclusively as my XM receiver for home stereo, car, and PC use (instead of the XMDirect receiver). So I would like to use the same SkyFi2 in my car hooked up to my Alpine receiver through an XMDALP100 digital adapter (so I can hide the receiver out of sight) AND be able to use the SkyFi2 on my PC with a homemade cable or if I buy a pre-made one. Ultimately as I install a carputer, the latter solution would continue to work.

    SkyFi2<--->XMDALP100<--->Alpine AiNet HU

    PC and carputer:
    SkyFi2<--->Home cradle<--->USB cable<--->PC

    SkyFi2<--->Home cradle<--->Home Stereo System

    So I would use one receiver and one subscription, but move it from place to place.

    Space in my car is EXTREMELY limited, so I don't want to have the receiver and cables out and about while I'm driving (and my HU will control XM, so why not use that...?) Initially I can do that because I have the AiNet Line-In plug, but I would like a more streamlined solution.

    It's funny because I am never in any one place long enough to get value from a dedicated solution (fortunately I don't have a long commute...). For me to justify the XM subscription I feel like I need to use it more than the 40-60 minutes a day I'm in my car.

    Plus I would actually like to use it in my GF's car, or in my second car.

    So, can these Terk digital adapters that they make for Sony, Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood HU's, can they talk to a SkyFi2 if the SkyFi2 is modified for USB or serial communication?