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Switch Diagram - Will it work?

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  • Switch Diagram - Will it work?


    Well, my previous switch did not work totally, maybe due to the fact of the fabrication issues or bad design, but either way it is in a million pieces (long story, but short version -> i have a Temper )

    So, I have since calmed down and am working on a new fabrication. I am trying to wire up two DPDT switches to control my Opus and Inverter. I want one ON position to be the ACC line, another ON position to be constant 12v, and center OFF.

    I also want to control two bi-color LEDs, one color to tell me if the Opus/Inverter is using ACC and the other to tell me if the Opus/Inverter is using constant 12v.

    One of the main questions is can I have the green ACC line setup the way I have it? The other is will this setup work good for what I need? Do I need anything to limit the direction of any flows?

    Thanks, I need all the help I can get.


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    It looks like the LED will only turn on when the ACC line is powered, even if the switch is set to 12V. Is this what you want? If you want it to always light, you want that diagonal green line to be a diagonal yellow line coming fron the 12V. But then, it'll stay on if set to ACC and you turn the car off.

    The biggest problem I see though: You don't have an OFF position. You either need a DPCO (a DPDT w/ center off) or a 3PDT (and just don't connect anything to the 3rd pole).

    I'm sure you're aware that you need to throw two switches if you want to keep the opus and inverter on the same settings. You may want that, but if you don't, you can use a single 3P4T switch instead (they're usually rotary switches though, if that matters.)


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      Thanks for the reply. Yea, my first attempt I had the LEDs hooked up to +12v and they stayed on all the time. I thought that having them hooked up to the ACC line would be better, but now that I think about it, I am not sure.

      Yea, these are center off DPDT, so that solves that problem. I am using two switches since I will not always use the inverter, so I dont want it running all the time.

      Other than that, everything look good?



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        Yup, everything looks good.

        If you want the LEDs to be on only when (set to ACC + ACC on) or (set to 12V), I think you could do it by feeding it from the 12v but then putting a FET transistor switched by ACC on the ACC side of the LED. That way, the ACC indicator side of the LED will only get current when the switch is on ACC and ACC is on, while the 12V side will always get current if the switch is on 12V. But maybe you should just keep things as simple as you can and forget I said anything

        ...actually, I have a better idea, at least for the opus side. Instead of powering the LED from the car's 12V or ACC lines, do it from the PSU: That way it'll only light when the opus is on, which is when it's set to 12V or when set to ACC and the car is on. If you do that, you should use the PSU's ground as well, since it may not be the same as the car.


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          Yea, I am already running the mobo Power LED and HD LED into that same switch box. I just want the bi-color LEDs for a quick reference as to which position the switches are in.