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Making Aux adapter for Hyundai

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  • Making Aux adapter for Hyundai

    Trying to buy / make an AUX adapter for my stock Hyundai H260 head unit. Can't seem to find one anywhere, but found a pinout for the 8 pin DIN. So far my ideas include:

    1) Get lucky, and find one premade for sale
    2) Buy new HU (but this one is acceptable)
    3) Use FM modulator (yuck)
    4) Make one!

    I found (on the Hyundai website, their webtech site is great!) a pinout:

    1) R
    2) CD ON
    3) BUS
    4) B+
    5) M.Ground
    6) N.C.
    7) L
    8) A.Ground

    I assume that R, L & A.Ground are needed for the input lines, easy enough. CD ON looks useful... is this to signal the radio, or for the radio to signal the changer? If it is to signal the radio, would applying 12V work? If it is to signal the changer, would grounding it (w/ a resistor maybe?) make the radio believe that there is a changer? I assume that N.C. is not connected, but what is B+ and M.Ground? I hope that I wouldn't have to reply to any signals on the bus pin to trick the radio, would I?

    Anybody with any experience (or documentation!!) that could help me understand what might be necessary?


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    I beleive if you need AUX only you can get it on Otherwise the protocol is close to M bus.
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      Thanks for the reply. How did you determine that the protocol is similar to M bus? Did you find documentation somewhere? Have you decoded any of it? How does it differ?