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12v ignition wire, and OBD-II port?

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  • 12v ignition wire, and OBD-II port?

    OK everyone, I'm hoping for some help here. I'm trying to figure out the best place to run a wire, that turns on w/ the car. Like an ignition wire? I'm including some pics of my fuse box, but my camera sucks so you can't really read the pictures on the label in the second picture. Does anyone have a good recomendation?

    Also, I've been trying to figure out if I have OBD-II. I have a 1995 Dodge Caravan. I've looked online, but can't find a reliable source. I'm not too sure if this is OBD-II, but i figure i'd post it here anyways, to see if anyone knew what it was. Thanks for all the help.

    Also included is several photos of the front of my minivan. Where would you recomend installing a screen? I'm looking for one that can be hidden. I'm thinking of putting a center-console in, a giant minivan one, and building everything right into that. But, here's what I got, any suggestions? Building w/ fiberglass is not a problem. My father's been working with fiberglass for 30 something years, and has won a few awards for it :-P
    However, if I do hack anything up, I want to be able top put it back, in case I sell this car.

    Blah. Sorry for so much. Just didn't wanna litter w/ random posts all over. Thanks in advance.
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    Wow. Went back and read that. Sounded really noobish. Soory about that.

    I was hoping someone could tell me the best place to tap into the ACC line?

    Also, while I was perusing my fuse box, I found the one odd shaped connector. I was kind of confused what it was. It was obviusly designed for easy access, like an OBD-II connector, but it's obviusly not. Anyone know what this may be?

    and I figured out a great mounting scenario for everything. Gonna buy some junk next week, to start mounting this puppy. I need a screen though :-P


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      Originally posted by KyleYankan
      I was hoping someone could tell me the best place to tap into the ACC line?
      The one that goes (or went) to your radio.
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        OBD2 came out in '96 you're OBD1.


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          Originally posted by Altimat
          OBD2 came out in '96 you're OBD1.
          I agree with Altimat.... that connector you had the pic of is definately OBD1......

          Welcome to the world of OBD1, which I too am a resident of..... and proud of it......


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            Well fellow OBD1 resident - can I still use this puppy to play around?