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OBDII, GPRS, and car control

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  • OBDII, GPRS, and car control

    I am currently working on a project where I am trying to tap into the OBDII for getting info on mileage the car has traveled, and I would also like to be able to control the car locks from the same connection. In the end I would like to store the data about car mileage on a flash drive or something and then send the data via GPRS modem to a home server.

    This project is for a non-profit carshare, and so it has to be a kind of generalized system for any new make and model (all their cars are new, 2004 or 2005.) The 2005 VW's would be easy because of the CANbus, but it like I said, it has to be for any manufacturer.

    Basically I was thinking that I could store some data on the flash drive via a download from the GPRS that had the codes for the particular car. The car could collect the data automatically throughtout the day, and then at the end of the day it would send mileage stuff.

    So I guess my questions are as follows:
    1: Is it really possible to control door locks using older OBDII systems?
    2: What power can I get from the OBDII pin 16 battery connection?
    3: Does anyone have any general suggestions for how to go about this project?

    THANKS!!! Any help is very appreciate!!

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    I don't remember seeing car locks under any OBDII connection, newer, or older. And if it would be available through VWs protocol, I doubt it is going to under every things elses.

    As for power, I think there is a thread in the OBDII forum. Search there for help on that.

    It sounds like a really cool project, I thought you needed a license or a subscription for GPRS though, so I don't know how many people are going to be able to take advantage of it.
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      Thanks kiltjim!
      I thought I had heard someplace though, that you could force readings from in-car computers through the OBDII somehow. Its some mechanism that the car manufacturers had developed.
      Since this development is for fleet based stuff, the GPRS will be paid for by the organization. Since its going to be for like 15 cars at present they can get a pretty good deal.
      Also does anyone know how commonplace using pin16 is in new cars, as I don't think its actually on that common to begin with?


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        You are going to have problems with the VW protocols and as far as I have ever run into there is nothing to control the locks themselves in the protocol, I an not even sure if you can display the status. If you need a hook up with an OBDII connector housing manufacture let me know.