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  • Case pulled to bits

    Ay i just finished putting together a case, with a PII, a nice sound blaster sound card, 40 gig hardisk, not sure how much ram and a cd drive.
    (just all **** i found in the garage, so i didnt have to spend any money yet) got xp running sweet. And currently looking at nLite and such.

    Now the case ive got is a typical ATX case, i could easily just mount the whole thing in the boot because then its out of the way of sight of cabin passengers. But thats ugly and boring right?

    What i wanna do is get rid of the actual casing all together and place the mother board on its side under a seat and the power supply near, with extended cables for the CD drive so it can be mounted near the dash for easy axs.

    Now i could even crate a slim line clear plastic case that could hug the mother board as to prevent anything from interfering with the board and have air holes to vent heat (and still be able to fit under the seat)

    Im sure you guys know what im going on about, has anybody does this and if they have can you be so kind to post a link and whats some things i should look out for if im going to do this?