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CarPC to Lincoln Town Car OEM radio

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  • CarPC to Lincoln Town Car OEM radio

    Anybody know how to hook up my carpc to the Lincoln Town Car's OEM radio? I was going with an FM modulator but as everyone knows, the sounds quality can be very poor. Or maybe i'm using the wrong one?
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    I'm wondering if there is a way to tap into the radio's aux for sound so that I can play my carpc thru the OEM setup without an FM modulator? If this is possible. Can someone explain how?

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    what year's your car, and do you know if lincoln offered a factory-installed cd changer as an option? If it was made in the last 10 years I would assume so, since a lincoln is a luxury brand. If there was a cd changer, then your head unit either auxiliary(RCA) inputs or a spot where the OEM changer plugs in at. You can find adapters that plug into that spot and give you RCA-ins here, but I know I've seen them cheaper. This has been discussed a zillion times, so I'm sure you can find a link to a cheaper source if you the forums. You can then buy an adaptor cord that goes from headphone jack to RCA, and you're all set.
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      You should post your question a few more times, in case we missed it the first time...
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        just making sure..thanks!
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