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New hack - Alarm as a relay control board?

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  • New hack - Alarm as a relay control board?

    After seeing the latest alarm that AsianWolf was selling I did a little background research on it. It is rebranded as several other alarms, and some offer an option of connecting to it via a PC! Scktek even offers a PC link for the alarm!

    The supplied software dosen't look like it would do a lot for you, but if you could reverse engineer the protocol, it would seem that you could build something semi-realtime based on the alarms inputs and outputs. Of course, the computer would have to stay on all the time.

    Some of the things that came to my mind was:
    Camera on when preimeter sensor triggers
    Autostart of the vehicle for cooling
    MP3 alarm chirps depending on the situation
    Automated defense (ie sensor triggered and GPS shows movement, trigger this thing:

    Anyone else interested? The alarms can be had pretty cheaply and I'm sure the cable can be RE'd to reduce the cost of entry. The number of channels might make this a pretty cheap and easy relay board if the protocol can handle a passthrough trigger from the com port to the relay without dependance on an alarm trigger.

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    one can build, but is it worth it? could we really compete price wise to an asian built alarm system? personally, i don't think so, but great idea.

    But to narrow things down.

    perimeter sensors, autostart, mp3 (voice siren), gps are already available out there with present day alarm systems. just some of these units are mad expensive.

    Camera is something we are probably just better reverse engineering and making it work with the siren output of an alarm system, but there are at this moment too many complications with such a thought as to how to get this to work.


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      Autostart of the vehicle for cooling
      Autostarting a vehicle is never a good idea (at least with present technology). There are way too many dangers with gasoline engines; such as deadly CO2 emissions, etc.


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        i think you mean deadly CO (carbon monoxide). CO2(carbon dioxide) is also deadly but only in much higher doses.
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          Actually alot of new car alarms offer 2-hour start. every 2 hours it runs the engine for 15 minutes to keept he car hot/cold.

          Also reverse engineering the alarm w/ camera is a pain in the arse cause everyone's alarm is different.


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            Rereading the origional post, I probably wasn't very clear...

            I wasn't talking about reverse engineering the alarm and building one from scratch, I was talking about buying the alarm and reverse engineering the interface (an add on module and PC cable that presently costs around 100) so that the cost of interfacing is reduced for and subsequent hobbists.

            The "everyone's alarm is different" also missed the intent. I'm talking about starting from scratch. I have built a carputer, decided that it would cost me more to build up the engine than to buy a new car, tore down the carputer, and am essentially starting over applying the lessons I learn in round 1.

            This would be an interface for the scytek alarm, or the same model rebranded, and if you wanted to use the hardware/software, you'd have to own one, just like the Valentine One solution elsewhere on this site.

            Personally, I'm going to try it. The big question mark is if you can, using the computer, affect output directly to the relays, or are you just setting flags in the memory to respond to events after arming. Given that the documentation reflects test modes, I'm guessing that you could use it, with the help of a channel expander, to not only control and configure the alarm, but to directly control relays on command.