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Control remote Pioneer CD-SR77

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  • Control remote Pioneer CD-SR77

    Hello all,

    I have a remote control Pioneer CD-SR77, and I think if is posible use this to set volume of PC with any software, I have try it with IrDa port of laptop with WinLIRC but he doesn't work. I'm sorry my english level :s

    Is it posible??

    Thak you


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    Did you build the Simple Serial receiver (as on LIRC hardware website) or you use the IrDA port on the laptop?
    IrDA is not mean to work with remote control but between IrDA devices.
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      I'm also interested in using my pioneer remote to control my pc like road runner what be the best way to go ? I've been looking into getting girder and irman would this be the best way to go ?Does anyone have a plug in for girder for it if I go that route thanks in advance
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        I use Girder and an IR-Man for my Pioneer remote (until I can finnish my Pioneer CD-Changer emulator code that is). I have the remote that comes with the P1R head-unit (it has buttons 1-6 on the top and a lot more buttons than the standard Pioneer remote). Unfortunatly Pioneer remotes send 2 packets of IR data for a lot of the buttons. The first packet is the same for all the buttons, and the second packet lets you know which button it really is. The result is that the IR-Man is not smart enough to tell the differance between a lot of the buttons.

        The IR-Man works for Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, plus one more for all the other buttons (1-6, Function, Audio, PGM, and all the other buttons are all recognized as the same button by the IR-Man).

        Actually the CD, Aux, Tuner buttons all send unique codes and I believe the Volume buttons do too, but I can't map those to the CarPC because they control my Pioneer head-unit (The other buttons I do use for the CarPC do nothing to the Pioneer head-unit when it is sourced to AUX).

        Eventually I will have my CarPC emulating a CD-Changer and then I won't need an IR-Man plus all of the buttons will work (plus I can have the PC display text, time, and disc/track numbers on the Pioneer head-unit).


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          I proved the circuit in the desktop and everything the perfect one, it is OK.

          Last night I tried with the laptop and had a problem. Without any opened application the WinLIRC it works correctly, but when I open the winamp or the mediaplayer and play a Mp3 the WinLIRC is not capable of interpreting the instructions got for the remote control.

          I tried in the way of learning and after it show a pop-up indicating the possible problems and between them it was saying that the machine could be too slow.

          The laptop is a PIII 600 and when it play Mp3 the use of the CPU is 20 %.

          What does happen?


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            Can you share that girder file your using to control your pc with the pioneer unit ? When you get the cd changer control working I would love to get it from you I have the same set up thanks a lot the sounds like a great Idea
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              I don't see how sharing the Girder file will help you. All you do is create a command, assign it a key, then press whatever button on your Pioneer remote you want and it's done. (You have to have an IR_Man)