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WinLIRC to drive two devices

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  • WinLIRC to drive two devices

    I'd like to use WinLIRC to drive two devices; a receiver for a steering wheel remote, and a transmitter to tweak the HU. How do I do this? The window appears to only allow me to select a single remote, and it won't allow me to run multiple instances. (they're both on seperate serial ports...)

    Has anyone tried transmitting data with WinLIRC? What properties/methods should I look for to set/transmit data?

    And one final question -
    What would you suggest I do for determining what messages to send to the HU for, say, volume up/down? I have the remote, as well as an IR receiver and transmitter. So, I suppose it would be a matter of sniffing what the remote sends and duplicating it out the transmitter, right? But WinLIRC parses incoming data, so will it be the same?

    Note: Upon closer inspection of the cf files, it is possible to have two remote definitions per file. Does WinLIRC initialize/load all remotes configured in said file? EDIT: Yes, two remotes in the file works for receiving, but one for recieving and one for transmitting???
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    Essentially what I need to know is how to tell WinLirc to send a message.
    I'm using Infrared.ocx, but it looks like that's for receiving only. Is there a way I can send something to the server directly? What's the protocol? No docs on about this... Very frustrating!
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      Hummmmm sound complicated. But
      This you think of this solution yet? One remote (remote for Alpine HU) control the PC and the HU? that what I did.
      The HU is in in normal place (center console).
      The IR sensor for the PC is on the far left size (LH car).
      Point the remote to the center, control the HU.
      Point the remote to the left, control the PC.

      Nice solution isn't it? And I don't have to build the transmitter. I use Girder with Igor Plugin instead of WinLIRC.
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        Found it...
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