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Valentine One - can it provide external speaker output w/o buying $49 Audio Adapter?

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  • Valentine One - can it provide external speaker output w/o buying $49 Audio Adapter?

    A couple of us who ride motorcycles are looking to find a simple and inexpensive solution to send the V1 alarm audio to an audio mixer.

    We all mount the V1 in our line of site and can operate it in comfort. The internal alarm speaker, however, is not capable of producing sufficient volume to be heard.

    First solution, which is overkill, is to spend the $49 for the factory accessory called a REMOTE AUDIO ADAPTER.


    About 10 years ago I bought a V1. Afer the warranty lapsed I opened it up and soldered 20-guage wires to the existing speakers PCB solder points, routed the two wires out of the V1 case and then terminated the other end of the wires in a female mono jack.

    Well, my current warranty for my 1.8 V1 is still active and several riders are not that keen about a hard-wired modification.

    If the audio signal is incorporated in the 5v signal wire, we will surely need some kind of intermin device to provide correct audio output to a speaker, or in our case, custom mold earbuds via a mutli audio-input mixer.

    We are all ears for any advice you may provide.
    Michael T
    Las Vegas

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    ok. enlighten me on the adapter here. how does the audio come in from the V1? is it analog from the V1 to the adapter? and then the adapter transfers it to 1/8" jacks? if this is the case thats its simply analog, you can easily take the line coming in from the V1 to the adapter and bodge it into a 1/8" jack
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