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    hi all
    just got one of these

    what can i say it the size of an HDD mp3 player and works great
    i can't get all the channels whilst driving but i can get a good chunk of them with a perfect picture. the ones with the poor signal are ok when i stop moving so it would depend on where you are in the uk as to what channels you get the best signal with.
    it also picks up all the bbc radio channel perfectly (plus some other ones).
    all this is done through a single USB 1.1 (great as i dont have USB 2.0 on my board). also it doesnt use any audio leads like other tv/radio cards .
    i have played with other tv cards like WINTV and so on and thay cannot even be compared as this is DIGITAL no fuzzy pics and a dam sight more channels . i also would like to point out i am using the standard magnetic Antenna that comes in the box.
    Im not sure how or if it can be used in conjunction with a frontend as it has a seperate control panel for vol/chan/rec and so on.when the new CF comes out it will have an option for external apps so i will give it a go and let you know how i get on.
    most of the freeview functions are here like program guide and so on.not sure about the (RED BUTTON) as it didnt come with the remote .
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    that product looks great, think I may have to buy one in the near future.
    one question: do you receive good quality of channels 1-5 whilst driving? there the ones I think I would watch the most.
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