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  • XM Direct problem

    Let me start out with a little background: I had the XM direct working with my car pc just fine for a couple of months. I had it hooked up to my laptop before my wife decided to spill coke on the Laptop (FRIED). The laptop was inside the house at the time so it didnít mess up the xm or anything. Long story, never the less I am now using a Via Epia and now when I hook up the XM I get only one channel (left) and bad static on that channel. Also the left channel wonít put out any audio unless the right channel is plugged in.

    So, I checked my cable, grounding, bought a USB MP3+ to make sure it wasnít the onboard, hooked earphones directly to the device, all with the same result.

    I also tested with FrodoX and Roadrunner with the same result. I'm thinking the XMdirect might have gone bad between the time of the fried laptop and getting the VIA in the car.(heat maybe, it is Texas after all)

    I was trying to buy the Optical accessory for it but it seems the seller is MIA. I was hoping if I just bypassed the RCA jack it might correct the problem.

    I'm not sure about warranties on these things, hell I might just go get another one as I'm sure they are still around $30...

    Any help would be appreciated.
    CarPC v2: Infiniti G35 Coupe 6MT, DW Housing, IBM R40, GPS, XM, StreetDeck