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  • Tachometer,petrol gauge etc info > Carputer in non-OBDII cars

    Having done a and looking on for the past couple of days (haha beat you all to using them Smilies ) and after reading WiredWRX's interesting book on Forum Searching, I have yet to find a comprehensive/definitive answer to the question at hand. I have looked into Dakotadigital but there prices are a little over my budget. I have also found some photos of umsam's digital dash here and I have pm'd him.

    The thread I read that got nearest to answer the question can be found here but after the first few posts peeps seemed to just start discussing things that to be honest go way over my head

    Confused asked the same question I am asking now:
    OK guys, I'd like to get some good information, and possibly some hardware/software solutions to this problem:
    Now, things that will be needed are:
    Temp (coolant, oil, whatever)
    Fuel level
    Oil pressure
    and others (any suggestions)
    But without the need for discussion of voltages,hall-effect sensors etc I was wondering if anyone can simply point me in the direction of:

    A) The hardware the will collect the information from my pre-existing gauges and plug into a serial port, parrallell port, game port etc
    B) The software the can interpret that information and display it on-screen without the need for me to do further programming as my knowledge of html and php is as far as my programming skills go

    If there is a thread I have missed in my searching of the forum, or indeed a website with the hardware/software listed, I do apologise as I understand how frusrating it gets when people start unneccesary threads, however please also note I don't think this is that popular a question that n00bs (like me ) are constantly asking.

    Oh, one more thing. There, I beat you all to posting that smilie too... muhaha
    My '84 Austin Mini Carputer Project :

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    P.S As I will not be inputting that much into the solution to my problem I would be willing to pay 's to any hardware/software developer that has the answers. Cheers.
    My '84 Austin Mini Carputer Project :


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      I am trying that now. My car is older than most of the forum members

      I have a microcontroller with 2 4 bit ports for reading switches (EG WOT, TB pos) and 11 analog inputs. I can read the oil temp, H2O temp, Battery, tach etc. The first 3 channels of the A/D are preset with the 4th changable (or scanning) by button press.
      It sends the data via RS232 to the CPU's front end.

      Its connected to the PSU as a Power Good signal so that it will shut down the CPU at the desired level so not to kill the battery. Its designed to work with Mastero's MK4.5 PSU

      Its months away as a viable product though. Check my sig and look for AAS on the nav bar for the prototype.
      1981 VW Scirocco, 2L 16v turbo. EEEPC 1000 running Mega Squirt and music.