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    Im new here and was wondering if theres a way to have a PDA control your computer and or door locks and your accessories on and in your car have no clue how u would do this and have no money to play with to try its sorta like the phone door lock thing

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    Sorry if i did this wrong im new to the hole forms thing


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      It's possible. The first thing you need is a 24/7 system. These can be pretty rough. You need an extremely weak system running 24/7, with whatever form of wireless yo uwant ( assuming bluetooth).

      Next, you need to hook the computer up to the locks and accesories. There's been alot of work on this one, and your best bet is to use the serial/parallel controlled relay cards.

      Finally you need to create a front-end application, that controls the relays.

      then set up a VNC server on the machine, and a VNC client on your handheld. Voila. Problem fixed.

      Another situation to consider is having the bluetooth check to see if "John's PDA" is in Range every so often (5 seconds?). if it is, unlock doors. Only problem is any joe-schmore can set his Bluetooth SSID to "John's PDA".


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        Is there any card that i could get to make this work with out a carputer cuz i dont have one and dont have a pda just ceurious if there was a card to control the door locks or would i have to have the carputer and would be able to be controled from the PDA


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          I'm not sure of a wireless link. If there was some way you can make your laptop connect.

          Actually, probably. With some bluetooth RS-232 modules, you can interface to a PIC, and can handle all that. You'll need to know some sweet programming for the PDA though.


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            k thx thats all i wanted to kno was if i could possably do with out the whole comp

            and i kow its possable to use a laptop as a carputer is there any way i could just har wire the power to it or do u kno if not thx any way


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              hard wire to the laptop. Dude, punctuation and complete sentences/thoughts. thanks.

              Of course - it's super simple to hook a laptop up to the car's power. There's two ways.
              One is a inverter with the current charging plug you probably have now.
              The other is a DC-DC transformer made for your lapto pto charge in a car.


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                Sorry im so usto IM's and havent worried about it or thought about punctuation. Any way thx for the help and good to kno about the laptop.


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                  no problem neooen. Good luck with your install. We're here to help.