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    I've but haven't found a useful thread regarding how to make the factory steering wheel audio controls buttons functional, when a resistor network is used. I don't want to use the IR solution, but need something that can make these different voltages into simple keystrokes. Is it doable?

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    welcome to the foums. you should find it if you searcha bit more because i have asked the same.
    you need an analogue input board, and connect that to the resistor network, you can then set diff voltages for each action.
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      just looked at your thread (Corsa ....), but swix solution is IR. The gamepad solution is not possible because these buttons aren't seperate. It is just 2 wires, when buttons are pushed:
      Vol - 54 Ohm
      Vol + 147 Ohm
      Mode 1036 Ohm
      Mute 2007 Ohm
      Preset 562 Ohm
      ^ 300 Ohm
      No buttons pushed 5kohm

      I'm sorry if I didn't understand you correctly.


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