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Pioneer Ipod Adapter but connected to PC

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  • Pioneer Ipod Adapter but connected to PC

    I was wondering if it would be possible to hack the Ipod adapter into a PC.

    From what I understand, the Pioneer will display the track details and control the Ipod. If it was connected to the PC instead this would make for a fantastic interface. All you would need to do is mimic the Ipod on the PC and en-voila.

    Anyone thought about this?

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    From what I know you can do this with the iPod anyway? You just need the software on your pc, and there is no need to hack up expencive stuff that way??


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      Other way round... I want to connect the PC to the headunit and pretend it is an IPod to display track titles, etc. on the display as an IPod would.

      I've found information on the web about commands to use... would just need some programming skills I think.


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        What software link please ?
        mp3car infill g4


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          This is the best info I've found so far...


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            Hmm...interesting idea. Which front end are you planning to use and does it have the ability to grab the now playing info?


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              Ideally FrodoPlayer...

              But I'm not sure if it has the API's to support reading track info, etc.


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                Well are you planning on installing any other displays such as a touchscreen? If not, what is the point of using Frodo Player? If you are, what is the point of having the track name display on the headunit? Just for sh|Ts and giggles?


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                  I have an 8" Touchscreen in the car already...

                  The headunit face is going to be dismantled and built into the car to prevent theft. At the same time, it would be easier to view the screen where I plan to fit it and in addition, the car steering wheel controls would work with the carputer through the head unit.

                  As Ipods are quite a standard, and carputers becoming more popular, using the Ipod interface would be universally compatible with all head units supporting the ipod interface.


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                    There's an Linux on iPod project. They have some docs on the "accessory protocol". This is used by various accessories (the Alpine adapter, the Icelink), third party remote controls to interact with the iPod. If you're looking for an API to control the iPod and get mp3 tags back out this is it:

                    My worklog.
                    Status: VM GTI sold, got out of the CarPC tinkering hobby, but I still think about getting back in.


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                      Great link! Thanks


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                        anyone got this to work ?


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                          I ditched the head unit in my current car but I did see that someone now produces PC interfaces for some leading headunits (including Pioneer).

                          I forget the link, sure I saw it here somewhere.


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                            This is exactly what I am hoping to do, Its possible to connect the iPod to a Serial Port, having found the pinout I reckon I can do this. The problem come in getting the data into a workable format for RR or whatever. I lack any "proper" programming skills and don't really know where to start with it.

                            Anyway, I found this link quite helpful for pinouts (I was going to use Audio-Out from the ipod dock connector aswell)

                            Theres also a guy who sells ipod serial cables with the software required to test out the sending/recieving of data to the iPod

                            For more info take alook at this page of the iPod Linux Wiki


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                              iPod-aware HU to a PC

                              I've recently decided to go this route - it'll (believe it or not!) simplify my setup. I'm abandoning a custom front-end in favor of an Alpine CDA-9857 (if the BioLite is as pretty as they say), with the KCE-422i iPod cable.

                              I've got an iPod dock breakout board w/female connector on-order from ridax, and am in the process of building the rest of the hardware (TTL<->RS232 circuit, etc.) and writing the necessary server-side software.

                              I'm thinking of calling it the "pseudoPod" - yes/no?

                              Basically, a daemon will listen on a COM port from chatter from the HU, and interact with a back-end SQLite db to provide the track/album/artist/playlist data. The Alpine (and many others, I suspect) seems to be using mode 4 ("Advanced iPod Remote/AiR") of the "Apple Accessory Protocol", as described here; I'll just have to create a daemon that mimics an iPod, and send the track info & line-out audio (from mplayer) to the HU.

                              Benefits over a regular iPod include practically limitless ceiling to the size of the back-end audio store (I've got an 80gb drive [I think...] ATM), and no restriction on audio file format: whatever mplayer can decode can be sent out over the line-out ports as plain old audio. Also, I had the computer laying around, and I don't have an iPod.

                              This is nowhere near complete; I'll post more as I go, if there's interest.