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ZIF socket extension wires.

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  • ZIF socket extension wires.

    It's been along time since I visited the forum and I just finnished my prelude install.

    So heres my question. my laptop is an matrix vpr p4 2.0g, I want to extende the power switch so i can switch it on and off. i wanted to keep the original switch as well as all the system LEDs that are attached to the same board, and mount it somewhere in the armrest compartment. it has what looks like 14 wire ZIF connector. what I'd like to do is get a similar cable, but longer so I can extende it and not hack and soilder the board. which by the way is very small. I'm looking around and can't find too much, if i can't find one all have to use the small 30g wire from radio shack and run that, but that will be a bear. Does anyone know if length of a foot or so will effect the signial from the ZIF. Im doing searches, but wanted alittle advice if anyone has any.

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    You might wanna get a few opinions, but if it's only running LEDs and a switch, I don't think you should have a problem. But, remember the smaller the wires, the higher the resistance. You might wanna get yourself a pair of ZIF plugs and make yourself a splitter of sorts. One with tiny wires on it for inside the laptop and one that has thicker wires on it, something like 20 AWG, maybe.
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      hum, nice suggestion. I really cannot find just the flat cables. so I may have to go with that.



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        they have 12 and 16, no 14 but might be able to use the 16


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          They can make any thing you want to your specs with no minimum. I am working on a projector and got ffcs from them for it.


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            right on, thanks guys, that helps out alot, I should be posting some picks when i get back from vacation.