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  • Electric Window Tint

    Anyone know if there's any sort of film or material we could put on our windows that would add a tint only when power isn't applied... as in, car turns on, computer powers windows, tint goes away, makes car legal, car turns off, tint comes back, prevents car for heating and thieves looking in? Just a thought,

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    you try searching?? I have seen a couple of posts on that

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      that is a REALLY cool idea...but you'd want tint when power ISN'T applied, right?


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        well, i could see both ways having their advantages, but i think a short circuit making you blind while driving would be its downfall. What would be idea is the electronic ink stuff i saw a while ago where you would send a current to change it and it could hold its state without any electricity.


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          Very costly i've seen it mainly used in houses but could be converted to car use thought in the 2 application's i've seen you couldn't roll the windows down. Would be badass though be able to black out/adjust tint on all of your windows with a computer


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            That would be wicked....we need a link to an example


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              this stuff really exists?? WOW.
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                Ive seen this on house windows. I also have been looking for this. It would be cool if it could be put on car windows like standard tint, with maybe a positive and negitive side for power. If there is anything like this for cars i would love to have it.

                Hit your alarm and the windows tint so nobody can see what you have. Im sure its out there somewhere. Although the window ones tint white sorta like privacy glass.

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                  electrochromic glass
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                    i wanted something like this on headlights

                    think of a black 2000 celica with a totally white headlight and when you turn the lights on it disapears

                    i was thinking of 2 way mirror so when the light goes on it won't look diff but it be annoying for ppl driving past you it would reflect the sun.
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                      Yeah that's it electrochromic glass. I believe it's whats in the roofs of the Maybachs too (Yummy those cars are just incredible).


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                        And just think... with a fast cycle time and a synced projector... Heads Up Display... hehehe, goodbye Liliput, hello windshield
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                          Yep or even if you did a true 5.1 setup in an older car with a flatter winshield you could project the screen onto the blacked out front winshield from the back of the car (and of course black out all of the other windows to it would look good).


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                            this is some nice technology.... you could have 5% tint during the day, and almost nothing during nite.
                            also no poblems anymore on inspections...


                            i guess it's worth more than any of our cars though...


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                              there is bound to be a place that'll sell a sheet with + and - inputs

                              cant find a place myself

                              hello by the way.
                              (this thread got me looking at this site)