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  • Starter help advice please

    We are developing a RF remote system based on pic-microcontroller technology. We're using a 1995 nissan maxima. Part of the project is starting the vehicle. Can someone help with some advice please?

    I need an indicator (+12v high/low ground) that can positively tell me if the car is running. This interfaces with a remote start-on relay system; and basically tells the starter circuit (which tries to start the car in 1.5 second pulse on / off) to stop trying to start the motor.

    Also, where would I begin looking to for the lead-wire to engauge the motor to the "on" position (as if they key was in ignition) without having the key in? Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one

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    Most remote starters use something like a tach to know that the engine is running(ive never had one apart to actually look at the i/o's). As far as the igntion is concerned, the key is just a switch. If you apply 12v to the line it switches, it will act as though the key is in the on position, but you will need to put the key in and turn to on to shift out of P if its an auto.


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      Understood - I tap the ignition wires.

      For the tach; do after-market starters come w/ a tach sensor, or do you reccomend I find hte tach built into the car and use it? Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one


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        most come with a tach sensor, but I've seen some that have the "tachless" option--not sure on how they work


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          I'm writing a pic-program that reads from a tachometer line; I just need to find the spot on my car to hook my wire up to.

          In the maxima forums - it tells me "instrument cluster" so then now I gotta find how hard it is to take that apart and if there is an easier access to that line.

          My project will integrate some nice effects to the remote start like playing sounds, and some dramatic lighting.
 Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one


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            Don't you have to have your clutch pressed (or brake pedal on an automatic) for the starter to work?


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              Remote starters also connect to the neutral switch and/or hand brake so it only works if you remember to put it in neutral and pull up the brake. That's probably a good safety feature.