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2005 BMW E46 CarX audio hook-up question?

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  • 2005 BMW E46 CarX audio hook-up question?

    I have 2005 M3 (E46) which came pretty loaded with AV gear. I just installed an Icelink for my iPod and just finished installing CarX running on an old laptop PC + ibus interface.
    The camera hook-up to the Sat/Nav/TV works fine, but I canít get any audio. The docs Iíve read had me hacking in to one of the small connectors on the base of the tuner in the boot to pick up left and right audio tape feeds (pins 1,2,7,8). There isnít a tape in the new cars, so I kind of suspected this wouldnít work.
    The car has RCA (phono) audio and video in to the back of the Sat/Nav unit in the boot, but this canít be used as the display in the console picks up the menu commands intended for the PC and overlays them on to the screen whilst also navigating CarX. This is a huge pain hence the need to use the reversing cam select on pin 17 of the blue connector. Additionally, the audio input is mono.
    Whilst trying to get the audio working, I noticed the if I am on the CarX (reversing cam NTSC) I can get audio from my Icelink and iPod. The Icelink wiring harness taps in to the other connector at the base of the tuner plus the big plug with the flat connectors above. If I can figure out which pins on the tuner are for CD audio in left and right (the ones the Icelink must also tap in to), then I should be able to feed my laptops audio out, in to the same wires, instead of the tape-in connections on the other connector that donít work.

    So, does anyone know what the pin assignments (pinouts) for the connectors on the back of the new E46 tuner unit in the boot are, or even better have a diagram? Note this is not the old connector with the big round pins, all the pins are flat. I can find loads of diagrams of those but there of no help to me. Also, if anyone out there has a Car PC working on a new E46, Iíd love to know how you hooked up stereo audio :-)