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My CCFL problems

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  • My CCFL problems

    Is there any possible way to sync up multiple CCFL inverters?
    If lilliput USA comes back tomorrow and says it's going to cost some outrageous price to get a replacement CCFL I'm going to try and expirement with some other sort of lighting.. whether it be trying multiple (3) CCFL's.. or something.. Unless the price out weighs getting a new panel (which I don't want to do...) However, I could sell the old panel..maybe the whole controller board it still works fine.. touchscreen and all.. help to cut my losses I guess..

    So that is my question.. how bad would 3 CCFL's look.. from .. I'd run 3 of the 6" ccfl's, top bottom and side.. 38,000cd/m each.. should match the original lighting which would make me more than happy.. So yea.. also Scouse, let me know if Armen has anything or can do anything.. a panel swap or something for a good price? I don't know..

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    7" or 8" screen?


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      8" sir