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Newisions new touchscreen DM6588T

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  • Newisions new touchscreen DM6588T

    Is anyone familiar with the DM6588T. Looks alot like any double din radio\nav system but claims OSD. (Open Souce) I'm wondering if they've made a touchscreen interface with the amp and CD\DVD, solving the where to put the damn cd problem, but still left the product open to pc connectivity. Is there anyone out ther that knows anything of this.

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    1) It's just an in-car DVD player/CD Player/Radio. The touchscreen controls the DVD player, not the computer. Could it be hacked to control the PC? Possibly, but it's a lot of effort, and you'd lose the control of the headunit in the process.

    2) The screen doesn't have VGA input, so the display is likley to look like ****. Tweaking settings could improvie it, but nowhere near teh quality of a true VGA screen.

    3) The OSD doesn't mean open source. It means On Screen Display. Makers of car audio equipment don't believe in open source. They want proprietary, so that other companies won't rip off their work.
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      sure is... The thing i like about carputers are, they're upgradeable.

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